“I’ve had a lifelong passion for Motorsport and am fortunate that my passion has also been my career. When I was thinking of buying a track-day and competition car, having looked extensively and driven a number of existing cars, I realised that each one was compromised in some way: from the difficulty of set-up to the detailed design, they were simply not as good as they could be…

“I believed I could do better”. 

“I brought in friends and colleagues to help me design my own car. Our original brief was to build a lightweight, two-seater, track car with exceptional performance and easily adjustable dynamics. But once we had begun to design it, we realised we could incorporate some major material and design advances and make the car not only track-capable but road legal. And not only compete but be class leading and offer it for sale. This concept became the RP-1. For me, it’s about carefully thought out design, working with Motorsport development principles and having a small team with the drive to make a car without compromise. A car that can be easily configured by the driver for their driving style and the driving environment. A car that brings modern motorsport thinking and materials to the widest possible audience. The quality of the design and construction is evident from the first time you see the car and even more when you drive it. I’m sure you’ll agree when you have the chance to try it yourself”
The road and track cars available outside of the professional arena have never lived up my expectations: I knew I could do better so the logical result of this was to design and build my own.

John Begley
Technical Director


At Elemental we are creating a new range of cutting-edge lightweight sports cars for the track and road-driving enthusiast. The cars incorporate 21st Century motorsport design principles, aerodynamics and materials and our first car will completely update the traditional idea of an occasional-use road and track car.cleaned chassis image1b

The RP1 incorporates a carbon fibre tub, motorsport derived aerodynamics, dramatic styling and owner tuneable suspension and will be available with a range of engines to suit all uses and driving styles. We genuinely believe that it will become the new dynamic benchmark.The core members of our team have a multi-disciplinary motorsport and engineering background, having worked on some of the worlds’ most successful and admired super-sports cars and racing programmes.


At the heart of RP1 is cutting edge composites technology applied in a truly innovative and cost effective way”

Peter Kent



side sketch

The exterior design of the Rp1 is an unashamedly contemporary GT race car aesthetic. The carbon tub is exposed as the centrepiece of the car with the front and rear body panels “shrink-wrapped” over the wheels and mechanical package.
Viewed from above, a visual raw carbon fibre spine runs through the middle of the car from the hood radiator duct, through the tub between the driver and passenger and over the engine to the brightly polished central exhaust outlet.
I sought to design a modern, serious, purposeful–looking car. Everything on it is designed to make it go faster.

Guy Colborne
Interior/Exterior Designer