everything is geared around the driving

Light, Fast, Strong

Choose all three

Technology and Art

a fusion of cutting edge materials and modern design thinking

A New Vision

the sports car for the 21st century

A visceral thrill

A pure racecar experience

Real-world performance

road-car usability with race car dynamics

The road legal track day car for the 21st Century

Featuring cutting edge Design, Engineering, Materials and Technology, the Elemental Rp1 redefines what a lightweight sportscar can be.

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HItting the Tonne
Elemental Rp1 surpasses 1000kg downforce target

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016
Well what a weekend that was!

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Burning the midnight oil
The last few months have been very busy for all at Elemental. After over a year of testing and development of our XP1 car the Rp1 project has dramatically moved forwards.

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Top of the Top 5
While we have always been quietly confident of the capabilities of the Rp1, its always good to have our work validated by others.

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Add up the numbers and you get something startling

200kg downforce at 100mph+750nm torque per tonne+1.98m maximum driver height+550bhp per tonne+540kg lowest weight=

The Rp1: resetting the boundaries across the board