A hand-picked team

Years of experience and a shared passion combined to create the Elemental Motor Company

A hand-picked team

John Begley, with a wealth of experience in race car and high performance road car engineering and chassis design gained from working at McLaren and Triple8, brought together a highly experienced team to help make his dream a reality.

He personally sought out people who were not only at the pinnacle of their respective fields, but also shared his passion and determination to build a cutting-edge lightweight sports car:

Mark Fowler, co-founder – bodyworks and aerodynamics designer from McLaren

Peter Kent – carbon composites and cutting edge materials design for Airbus and McLaren

Guy Colborne – car designer for, amongst others, Ford, Pininfarina and TWR and also lecturer in Vehicle Design at the Royal College of Art

Ian Hall – quality and production management for automotive OEM’s, Eaton Aerospace and Pall Europe

Jeremy Curnow – design and project management for Lotus, McLaren, Chrysler, AMG and Porsche

The result is unique blend of expertise split 50:50 between F1/Motorsport and road going Prestige Sportscar design.

Together this team became Elemental Motor Company, and to this day they remain at the core of the business, offering our customers unparalleled access to the people that actually designed and built the class-leading Rp1.