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John Begley, Founder and Technical Director


John has always been about vehicle handling and dynamics.

He has designed the chassis, suspension and aerodynamics of Nissan and Triple Eight race winning BTCC cars, worked extensively on mechanical and aerodynamic development for the McLaren F1 team and had critical design input into the McLaren Mercedes SLR, 12C and P1


Mark Fowler, Co-founder, Aerodynamics and Body Engineering Manager


Mark has spent many years as a specialist in Formula 1 aerodynamics and body design for McLaren and was previously a Body-in-White design engineer for a number of major automotive manufacturers.


Peter Kent, Composites Director


Peter has spent many years specialising in carbon composite materials, vehicle concept design and hybrid/electric powertrains.

His notable projects have included the 2008 championship winning McLaren F1 car, the McLaren 12C and P1 hypercar, F1 design for Toyota and Marussia Virgin, and Airbus carbon composite wing process management.


Guy Colborne, Design Manager


Guy has previously worked as a Car Designer for Ford, Pininfarina, BMW, Daewoo, Opel and TWR.

A specialist in CAD as well as automotive exterior and interior design, Guy also is a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art on the renowned Vehicle Design course.


Jeremy Curnow, Finance Director and Project Manager

Jeremy has a long history in vehicle dynamics, mechanisms and project management, having worked for many of Europe’s foremost sportscars manufacturers, (McLaren, Porsche, AMG and Lotus).

He also brings experience of commercial and business management from his work in this and other business sectors.


Ian Hall, Production Manager


Ian has a wide range of operational experience from ISO 9001 production and quality management with previous roles in automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace and sub-contract manufacture, working for BMW, Rover, Pall Europe and Eaton Aerospace.



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