By the Numbers

June 2015

All of the Elemental team have driven the car now and we are all aware that it’s pretty quick.

The idea of a car that weighs about 620Kg with an engine power output of over 280BHP means that the Rp1 is never going to be slow but we have held off on getting some baseline performance figures as we concentrated on developing and refining the drivetrain and chassis.

A chance to get on track in late April, with our own “tame racing driver” David, to get some initial performance data gave us some rather good news. The figures need to be properly validated but from our first test the XP2 car was giving us the following data:

0-60mph in 3.1s

60-100mph in 4.4s

100-0 in 4.5s

For any car, that’s incredibly fast.

Bearing in mind we still have an updated engine map coming, there is some more optimisation of the fly-by wire throttle to do, the small matter of some new gear ratios that John is keen to try out and a raft of other refinements that we are all working on, we are feeling pretty confident that the Rp1 will live up to our performance expectations.

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