Sales have started: First customer car delivered!

January 2017

After a tough but very rewarding year with the work to further develop, test, showcase and build the Rp1, we ended 2016 on high note. After all of our hard work, the first full production car, known internally to the Elemental team as FP1 (full production car #1) was completed and delivered to our first customer.

Resplendent in a rather fetching custom colour scheme of pearlescent white, matte black and lacquered carbon, the car looks exactly how we first envisaged the Rp1: sleek, low, purposeful and showcasing the Elemental teams view of what a 21st century British sports car should be. Our first Customer is delighted with his new car and we are so thrilled to see our project move into a new, very exciting phase and see our company start to grow

2017 has started the way that 2016 ended: the whole team putting in the hours to get the next customer car ready and we will be showing this one off at the Autosport Show in mid January. Then its two more customer cars that need to be built next month, then the next ones after that…

Looks like 2017 is going to be a busy year.

Happy new year!

Team Elemental


PP1 car build