Goodwood Festival of Speed

July 2014

After a series of very late nights (early mornings actually) to prepare the car, a last minute photo and video shoot, a final rush to get the car cleaned up and onto its transporter and a drive through a heavy summer downpour, we finally got the car to its allotted place in the First Glance area of the Goodwood festival of speed.

The festival has grown and grown over the years from a small niche event to what is now arguably the most important motoring event in Europe. When the opportunity came up a few months back for us to show the car to the public for the first time at Goodwood we were nervous. Would showing our first full prototype test vehicle be a good idea? Whilst we were all confident that the car was good, would the press and public like what we have invested years of time, money and effort into?

We needn’t have worried. In spite of being sited next to the likes of Lexus, Rolls Royce, a new Ford Mustang and a rather loud Mercedes SLR it was soon obvious that the Elemental Rp1 could hold its own in such illustrious company.

Before 7am on Friday morning, the interested people had started to gather round the car, by 7:30 there was a growing crowd.

More and more people were asking questions, taking photographs, looking over the engine and, crucially after we’d taken the decision not to be too precious with “our baby”, actually sitting in the car. The latter was actually very important as we were able to fully demonstrate the benefits of the seating and driving position in the car.

All of team Elemental were on duty and we were all busy taking questions and explaining the car to all. I think I looked at my watch at about 7:15am. The next time I checked it was after 1pm! A quick break for lunch and it was back to the crowd around the car.

People seemed genuinely impressed and surprised at what a small, committed team of designers and engineers had put together. Before we knew it, it was after 7:30pm, the crowds had only just started to dwindle.

Day one was almost over and we were totally blown away with the very positive response to the car.

The following two days were the same: for us long and tiring but extremely positive and the great feedback from everyone who saw and sat in the car was, quite frankly, overwhelming. We can now go into the advanced test and development stage of the project with far more information and confidence of our car than before.

The only downside was that we got to see very little of the rest of the festival!

Are you sitting comfortably?