LeMans2017 Roadtrip

June 2017

Way back, when we were first defining what the Elemental Rp1 should be, we decided that it should not only be an amazing high performance track car, but that it should also be capable of taking two people with all their overnight/camping gear across europe for a long weekend away. For example: going to LeMans to watch the 24 hr race…

Having just got back from an epic 1000mile roadtrip across France to do just that.

With the fantastic support from Alex Kersten and the good people at CarThrottle on the outward part journey, Joe Achilles on the return leg, along with the the good guys from Shmee150 its been a really wonderful 5 days.
We were able to prove out the long-distance capabilities of the Rp1. A high point on the outward journey was stopping along the way on Wednesday evening at the historic Reims GP circuit. A perfect summers evening spent at an amazing location:

Long distance driving across French Autoroutes can be a bit dull at times but not in the Rp1.

And the Rp1’s ability to actually carry all the gear required for a weekend away being proven out.

Although some thought we could have added more…

And just in case anyone was wondering we did get to see some awsome racing on track too:

But all in all a truly awesome weekend.

With some truly epic “scorchio” weather, the fabulous support from all the rest of the worlds car fanatics who make the annual pilgrimage to the event and the wonderful goodwill of the locals, I think we can safely say “mission accomplished”.

Same again next year guys?

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