October 2015

Our development cars are known inside Elemental as the XP series. XP stands for Experimental Prototype. We have built several of these over the last couple of years to test out the chassis, suspension, structural testing of the tub and the full running prototype vehicles.

Our yellow car that has done the rounds on test tracks and shown to the press and public is known as XP2. Whilst it looks like a completed car it was always meant to be a development vehicle and as such has been heavily altered and upgraded over the last year so.

Under the skin it’s quite different from the car we unveiled at Goodwood in summer 2014.

Normally when a car company unveils a concept car, grand claims are made about its capabilities and the design is made to look as radical and dramatic as possible. When these reach production however, it usually seems that reality kicks in, the grand claims are quietly forgotten, and the sensational design watered down all in the name of feasibility, reliability, cost and the simple reality of trying to build a car. It’s always a bit disappointing when this happen to be honest

However, at Elemental, with the Rp1 we haven’t done this.

The past year has a been a flurry of activity working on the full production vehicle and we’ve taken advantage of the fact that the original XP cars were test-beds to try our various ideas and see where we could make the full production vehicles even better.

Using our own testing of the car, the public and press reaction, talking at length to our customers, and of course, our own constant desire to do better, we have continued in the development process.

The result: the tub is stronger; the suspension dynamics have been revised; the seating position and ergonomics are improved; aerodynamic downforce has been increased; and the interior and exterior design refined.

The car, which was already very good, is now even better.

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