PP1 car build

February 2016

As we’ve mentioned before, our current cars are all known as the XP series. The XP standing for eXperimental Protoype.

We designed and built these to test out a lot of parts of the Rp1 such as the Tub, Chassis, Powertrain, Seating position etc. but these cars were never the final production level car that we would be putting on sale.

Following on from our testing and development phase we were able to identify a lot of areas where we could refine an already very good car.

Over the last year we have been looking at every part of the Rp1 and seeing where we could make improvements, be it in overall weight, rigidity, aerodynamics, exterior styling, ease of construction, interior space, build quality, and so on.

All of this has led to the first full Pre-Production car, or PP1, that we are now assembling. Superficially it looks the same as the XP2 car, but look closer and you will see a lot of minor and changes that together make this quite a different vehicle. Effectively it’s an Rp1 version 2.0.

In the Early Autumn we started working with our new composites supplier, Optimal Structural Solutions, to start building our first full production level Carbon Composite components.

Just before Christmas we took delivery of the fully assembled tub. Putting the new PP tub next to one of our old XP chassis tubs to compare, the differences were obvious.

The production level Carbon fibre, which Pete has worked long and hard on, now looks far better. The tub surfaces, edges and details looked crisp and refined, the metalwork and bonding all were at supercar production quality levels. The revisions that we made to improve the steering turning circle, ease of access to the internals for assembly and the increased interior space all were apparent.

As a team we get very picky about these kinds of things and, whilst sometimes it does seem that we are worrying the small details, when we all looked over the new tub it was clear that our hard work is starting to pay off.

The factory now is filling up with a lot of freshly machined, laser cut and welded components, new engines, gearboxes, wheels and so on, and the PP1 car build space is ready for the main assembly to start.

Ian, our production manager, is chomping at the bit to get the first chassis built and ready for its first power on test next month.

Exciting times are ahead.

Sales have started: First customer car delivered! LeMans2017 Roadtrip