Top of the Top 5

March 2016

While we have always been quietly confident of the capabilities of the Rp1, its always good to have our work validated by others.  Last year we spent some time with Autocar’s Matt Prior showing him the car, discussing in detail the whole design and engineering philosphy of Elemental Motor Company and, of course,  letting him loose on the test track in the Rp1. This resulted in a good review or the car and some very positive feedback.

Matt Prior summed up the Rp1 with: “British start-up sports car company Elemental launches the lightweight, track-focused RP1 roadster. We find that to try it is to like itsp077

The good people at Autocar obviously liked the car a lot as we have recently been placed at the #1 ranking of their top 5 trackcars.

You can read their verdict for yourself here:

CAR Magazine's verdict of the Elemental Rp1 Burning the midnight oil