Yellow Streak

April 2015

More colour debates earlier this month with one of our test cars requiring preparation before a photo shoot .

The classic racing grey that we showed the car in last year was very well received but we felt that, with summer coming we could try out some brighter colours that would show off the bodywork better against the Carbon Fibre elements.

But what colour? Some of the team were suggesting a pure racing red, some a Shelby Cobra-like blue, one asked: how about a classic British Racing green? My personal want is for a very bright punchy lime green…

But how about yellow?

There is some history in having sports cars in yellow – its actually a key colour of Ferraris as there are links to the flag of Modena. However, yellow is a difficult colour to do well: too light and it looks like weak custard, too dark and it can look beige or brown, too orange and it can look muddy.

A  bit of head scratching and some research led me to propose a mid- 1970’s solid bright yellow. Ian, our production manager took one look at the colour swatch and agreed.

Fast forward to two weeks later and the paint shop, the refreshed body panels were fitted back on the car and indoors it looked really good.

The guys in the paintshop suggested the car now looked like a Hornet with the yellow against black…then we took the car out into the daylight.

Out in the sun the colour simply burst out like lemon sorbet: bright, bold and punchy, and the perfect contrast to the carbon fibre tub.

This is going to look great on the track

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