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3 Downforce

Taking advantage of the driving position and low profile tub, we were able to design the Rp1 from the outset to include a front aero splitter and integrated front and rear underfloor diffusers to create phenomenal levels of usable downforce.

The great advantage of doing this, as opposed to simply adding wings and spoilers onto the bodywork, is that you gain massive amounts of downforce (and therefore grip) while creating far less drag.

During its development the shape of the Rp1 was extensively refined using the latest CFD software, tested in the MIRA wind tunnel and validated on both the test track and the underfloor image enlarged

The Rp1 is the only road car at this price point with integrated front and rear underfloor aerodynamics, providing levels of downforce and cornering performance usually only found in top flight race cars costing more than twice as much.




“Above 60mph it feels like Nellie the invisible elephant has parked her behind on the bonnet.

The RP1 has the most planted and positive front end of any lightweight car I’ve ever driven. You feel the steering weight up, so you turn in a bit harder, and then just keep turning, marvelling at the wonderful sense of security, weight, accuracy and feedback.

And grip. Masses and masses of grip.”

Ollie Marriage

Top Gear Magazine

The numbers speak for themselves: the Rp1 can produce downforce from speeds as low as 60mph and generates over 200kg of downforce at 100mph. The result is a super-lightweight, highly efficient sports car with amazing traction and staggering real world levels of cornering grip.

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