‘Five steps to revolutionise the benchmark’

2 Structural Tub

At the heart of the Rp1 is a lightweight carbon fibre and aluminium composite Structural Tub.

Featuring Elemental’s Patented CarbonAl composite technology the Rp1 Tub features a design philosophy that follows the very latest thinking in lightweight materials, manufacturing and assembly.

The results is a supremely lightweight and strong structure (that exceeds FIA structural performance standards) at the very core of the car.carbonalTub

The profile of the tub optimises the low height of the feet up driving position to create a car that’s only 1070mm tall.

This is to minimise the frontal area of the car and smooth airflow along the upper body (although unsubstantiated rumours claim that John Begley wanted the car to be low enough to drive under the entry barrier at the McLaren Technical Centre where he worked at the time).tub and mian frames

However, low height doesn’t mean cramped.

Using our experience in motorsport and road car design we have been able to optimise the interior space of the Rp1 to accommodate occupants from 1.52m-1.98m (5′ 0″ to 6’6″) in height.


Driving Position Downforce