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The class-leading aerodynamic performance of the Rp1 is due to its downforce generating floor.

This is in turn made possible by the “feet up” design of the CarbonAl+ tub, and the race inspired layout of the rear chassis and powertrain.

The underside of the car begins with a custom-machined marine plywood front splitter that guides airflow as it hits the front of the car, and a central flat floor panel which creates a large and aerodynamically clean surface.floor underneath wipBehind the splitter, and under the driver’s feet, two large front diffusers create a low pressure area, sweeping underfloor air out behind the front wheel, thereby generating downforce and front end grip.

With the Rp1 uniquely generating appreciable front end downforce, we can increase the rear downforce without adversely affecting stability, the resulting very large double stage rear diffuser controls the remaining airflow and reduces air pressure under the rear of the car.low view of rear diffuser_revise

Reducing air pressure beneath the car in this way when the car is moving, allows the normal air pressure above to push the car down onto the road and generate more load on the tyres.

As the Rp1 has an extremely low overall weight, this means that at speed, the tyres have the vertical load of a heavier vehicle but the reduced inertia of a lightweight one.

This results in dramatically increased cornering grip and high speed braking capability.

“Corners deliver the big revelation…

…pointing the nose toward the first apex reveals that the chassis is generating vastly more adhesion than you would expect…

…serious mechanical grip augmented by the hand of God as the diffuser sucks the RP1 downward.”

Mike Duff

Car and Driver



Featuring a contemporary design inspired by sports prototype racing, the Elemental Rp1’s bodywork has been optimised for aerodynamic efficiency.

Made from moulded carbon fibre to further save vehicle weight, individual body panels can be easily removed to expose the chassis for ease of adjustment, maintenance or repair.

Both the bonnet and rear deck lid are secured by electronic locks, released by buttons on the centre console only when the key is present.

The rear deck has convenient, lightweight gas strut supports and encloses a pair of large watertight luggage bins, one either side of the engine bay and each offering over 100 litres of secure storage space (more than a Mazda MX5 or Audi R8).

This is enough space for two full face crash helmets and race wear, or even camping gear and overnight bags for a trip to LeMans.

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