A fusion of Technology and Art

6 Aesthetics

The exterior design of the Rp1 is an unashamedly contemporary GT race car aesthetic.

The innovative carbon composite tub is exposed as the centrepiece of the car with the front and rear body panels “stretched” fore and aft from the tub and then visually “shrink-wrapped” over the wheels and mechanical package.

Taking the shrink wrapped athletic form further, the Rp1 features a classic “coke bottle” plan shape on the bodyshell and tub.

When viewed from above, a visual raw carbon fibre spine runs through the middle of the car from the hood radiator duct, through the tub between the driver and passenger and over the engine to the brightly polished central exhaust outlet.

The interior, with its custom carbon fibre seats and minimalist waterproof suede trim, carbon fibre and machined alloy detailing, a programmable colour LED dash display and custom designed centre touch-control panel, takes this idea of sporting form and functional minimalism further.driving position

The Rp1 offers the visceral thrill of a single seater race car but without sacrificing the comfort of the driver or passenger.

All of these elements combine to give a modern, dynamic, aggressive, and yet lightweight and athletic form to the car.