A fusion of Technology and Art

3 Power Train

Engine and Gearbox

The RP1 features either a 2.0L or 2.3L Ford Ecoboost turbocharged engine, configured to give over 320Bhp in 2.3litre form.

The engines feature an Elemental designed wet sump lubrication system and are mated to a Hewland JFR 6 speed sequential gearbox. Furthermore we fit each engine with a lightened flywheel and 7” dual plate clutch, low inertial alternator and a custom designed stainless steel exhaust.

The race-inspired, mid mounted longitudinal layout of the engine and gearbox optimises both the balance and centre of gravity of the car.

They are supported by the rear frame via a front cradle and by rear trapezium links, which are designed to point towards the roll centre and contribute to the neutral influence of the powertrain mass on the Rp1 dynamics.


Gear changes are made by a paddle shift driven electro-pneumatic system. This uses compressed air to operate an actuator cylinder that “punches” up and down through the gearbox.

The key feature of this system is that whilst still a ‘manual’ system, it is controlled by the ECU. This protects the engine and gearbox from erroneous shifts, makes gear changes near-seamless (40ms), and eliminates clutch use once the car is moving.


The Rp1 uses a Life Racing ECU with bespoke Elemental engine management. This controls the Ford Ecoboost direct injection engines, the gear shift actuation, and outputs all the relevant engine parameters to the Motec dash display. The ECU also stores the multiple Engine Maps that allow the driver to vary power, torque and traction control at the press of a button.



The radiator is front-mounted to optimise the flow of cool air forced over it. The water pipes are made from aluminium to keep weight down and these act as an efficient heat sink in their own right.

An auxiliary water pump and radiator fan run-on ensures an even and steady cool down after a hard run. The driver is kept warm with a controllable hot air flow ducted straight from the radiator into the footwell.



The class leading 50 litre fuel tank is tucked between the front diffusers in the space created by the feet up tub design.

This location significantly contributes to the Rp1’s near 50:50 front/rear weight distribution and further lowers the centre of gravity.fuel 1


The Rp1 uses a pair of air to air Elemental-specific intercoolers to reduce the charge temperature in all conditions, increasing efficiency and power. They sit either side of the powertrain, and are positioned in cool air flows ducted from the rear deck.

Ergonomics Suspension and brakes