3 Changing the game

With no compromises, and of years of continuous improvement and development, the Rp1 is the ultimate realisation of John Begley’s vision.

Superlatives are often dished out far too freely, but in this case they are justified:

The Rp1 is truly unique. There is genuinely nothing like it in the road legal track day car rrtq1

With its radical, formula one-inspired “feet-up” driving position, it is also the first car in the world to feature a hybrid carbon fibre/aluminium composite tub structure built to FIA structural standards; radical underfloor downforce-generating aerodynamics; and a unique lightweight and highly adjustable chassis.

Add to this phenomenal platform a highly efficient world-class engine and race pedigree gearbox governed by Elemental’s own control calibration, and the result is a car that is as fast as the best in a straight line and faster round the corners.

We knew our car was good

But when others started to drive it, we knew it was really, really good:

“ up its accelerator with your right foot and then the world very quickly goes into hyperspace.

The RP1 could be a game-changer in years to come. Genuinely, it’s that good.”

Steve Sutcliffe

Auto Express

10 July 2015

No compromises