2 No compromises

No compromises were made during the design of the Rp1. Throughout the process the team never deviated from a fundamental, core design principle – begin with the driver and design everything else around them.


Every component, every design detail had to deliver the Elemental team’s vision of a pure and undiluted driving experience whilst meeting professional motorsport quality standards. If anything compromised this, then it didn’t make it onto the car.sketch2

Continuous improvement and iterative development drove the design process.

If something could be made even better, then it would be. The Rp1 now being sold by Elemental is actually the third generation of this car and is the culmination of over 5 years of continuous design, testing and optimisation.sketch3

Such was our obsessive attention to detail, that if the right part could not be bought, then we would design it from scratch ourselves.

In our search for perfection we optimised the best materials in each area of the construction to create strength, stiffness and protection for the lightest weight. No component did just one job and grams of weight were been shaved from everywhere.

One man's vision Changing the game