1 One man's vision

Elemental is the result of one man’s vision, drive, and years spent at the leading edge of motorsport engineering – our founder and technical director John Begley.

After deciding to buy a track day and competition car he realised, after many test drives and extensive research, that none of the cars available were as good as they could be.

None met the expectations set by their marketing and hype.

Having designed race chassis and aerodynamics for BTCC and Formula 1 winning cars, John knew that he could do better.

“I’ve had a lifelong passion for Motorsport and am fortunate that my passion has also been my career.

When I was thinking of buying a track-day and competition car, having looked extensively and driven a number of existing cars, I realised that each one was compromised in some way – from the difficulty of set-up to the detailed design – they were simply not as good as they could be…

“I believed I could do better”

He envisioned the ultimate light weight track day car. It would be road legal as well, capable of an exhilarating trip to LeMans with a friend. It would sit at the pinnacle of motorsport technology; with  F1/LMP inspired aerodynamics, cutting edge materials, modern powertrains; and be built to the highest production standards.

It would be a no-compromises car designed to give the driver the purest expression of what it is to drive a car on the track and on the road.

John knew that such a car would be both a dramatic leap forward in performance and set a new dynamic benchmark that other existing vehicles could only aspire to.

That vehicle would become the Elemental Rp1.



No compromises